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Hello there! Welcome to Synergy Acupuncture. My name is Chayla. I grew up on an acreage South of Lougheed, AB and I am currently residing in Sedgewick, AB. I am so happy to be bringing acupuncture to Flagstaff County, my home. 

"It is my goal to help people achieve their greatest quality of life."


I graduated from Central High Sedgewick Public School in 2014 and was not really sure what I wanted to do; all I knew is that I wanted to help people. In 2015, I was accepted to Grant MacEwan University for Occupational/Physical Therapy Assisting. When I graduated in 2017, I was so excited to start working and helping people. As time passed it became evident that although I enjoyed my job, I didn’t feel completely fulfilled. 


Acupuncture had been a profession that piqued my interest while I was attending University; not only was it a profession that would allow me to help people, but it would also be one that I could offer in my hometown community that wasn’t yet readily available. With this dream in mind, I went back to Grant MacEwan University in 2019 and received my Acupuncture Diploma. 


Today, I am back in my beloved community, doing what I love to do; helping people by offering acupuncture and conjoining modalities services to achieve the best results. 

"It is my privilege to meet you, treat you and help with whatever may be ailing you." 



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